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Italy Tours are popular among the tourists as they offer the opportunity to explore the best of the country. There are various types of tours available; one can make the selection as per the need and budget.


  • Rome: It is the capital as well as the largest city of Italy; it offers so many wonderful locations with different historical aspects. From ancient churches, monuments and palaces to the romantic ruins, Rome offers amazing heritage and atmosphere.

  • Venice: This city offers lovely locations, comprising with 118 islands, which adds to the beauty of the place in a better way. All the main monuments and sightseeing spots are located in Cannaregio, San Polo, Santa Croce, Castello, Dorsoduro and San Marco.

  • Umbria: This reign of Italy offers small towns with less population, which makes it more beautiful. The natural beauty is amazing with large agricultural lands and greenery all over.

  • Milan: Milan is known for its popular shopping streets and other market areas; it is the second most populated city in Italy and offers many historical as well as modern sites.

  • Florence: Politically, economically and culturally, Florence is a very important city. It offers so many different monuments, museums and other sightseeing locations, one can enjoy all the various aspects here, for refreshments this city offers the best restaurants and bars.

  • Naples: This city offers very beautiful locations; one can enjoy the views with the loved one. The city is full of farmlands, cottages and natural scenic beauty, people are very warm and welcoming, which makes the tour more enjoyable.

  • Verona: This city is popular from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; it is a very relaxed and pleasant place to visit during the tour. It offers many tourist spots like Juliet's House, San Giorgetta, Roman Theatre, Juliet's Tomb and Piazza delle Erbe.

  • Genoa: This city is known for its strong trade center, the place offers amazing sights and great cuisines, especially seafood. One can enjoy the views and can also do loads of shopping from the different market areas of Genoa.

  • Prague: Many castles, churches, monuments, museums, art galleries, etc. can be explored in this city during the tour. The place offers many good bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. for enjoying the nightlife.

  • Pisa: This place is popular for its leaning tower, there are many other historical monuments located in the city which can be seen during the tour. The best way to explore the city is to take the walking tours as the city runs through the interesting pedestrian streets offering many stores, restaurants, cafes, etc. on the way.


These are the Top 10 cities which can be seen during the Italy tours new window with the loved one. All these cities are amazing with different cultures, areas and people, one get the chance to explore the best of everything through these tours.


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