Backcountry skiing - an ultimate adventure

Backcountry skiing (powder skiing). Skiing is one of the ultimate adventure activities the one has to try. Almost every mountainous holiday destination which receives a decent amount of snowfall encourages this sport. Shops selling or renting ski gear are fairly common and more often than not, these places would also have ski instructors to guide tourists who would like to try a hand at skiing. Ski locations are carefully chosen keeping in mind the inclination of slope, nearby vegetation, presence of rocks, climate and probability of avalanches as well. These areas would then be marked and graded on the basis of the difficulty and also the expertise required to ski there. Such areas are usually commercialized, with ski lifts, ski shops, cafés, and more.

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Ski gear includes skis, ski boots, goggles, helmet, ski poles, base layers, ski jackets, sweaters and mittens. Skiing is best enjoyed at a slope angle of 40º. Skiers are transported to the top of the trail using a ski lift from where they come down back to the base on skis. This is similar to skating except that skis are much longer and way heavier. Professional guidance may be required for first timers as this can be a dangerous sport if one loses control over the slopes.

Backcountry skiing is done in unmarked areas

Backcountry skiing (powder skiing) is done in unmarked areas, which are neither graded nor commercialized. This is preferred by some skiers as these have more of the “natural” feel compared to conventional resorts. Ski lifts are not present here, so the only way to the top of the mountain would either be by a helicopter drop, or by hiking. Heli - skiing is quite expensive and would cost anywhere from $5000-$1500 for a week. Hiking is the more affordable option in this case. But this would be a lot of hard work, especially considering the weight of the equipment that you’d be carrying. Hiking on a mountain for backcountry skiing would take about 4-7 hours; again, depending on the inclination and the climate of the place at that point of time. Backcountry skiers usually have a lot more experience than regular skiers and would have the basic knowledge to tackle hazards faced on these slopes. There’s a saying in the ski community which goes like “you gotta earn the number of turns while skiing”. When asked if the 14 minute journey down was worth the 7 hour hike, almost everyone replied with beaming positiveness. Cos in backcountry skiing, the bad parts last too long and the good parts get over too fast.


Backcountry skiing is not illegal

Backcountry skiing new window is not regulated in most parts of the world. But it isn’t considered illegal as well. Most of the resorts just put up signs saying that such areas are out of the resort boundaries. Backcountry ski movie has its own share of dangers which include exhaustion, fatigue, rock and vegetation collision, and avalanches. These dangers are intensified as the areas for backcountry skiing are not monitored regularly by medical services.

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